About Us

About Us

Brief History

End Child Prostitution, Abuse and Trafficking in Cambodia (ECPAT Cambodia) is a NGO network established in 1995. ECPAT Cambodia is a network of national and international organizations working to prevent the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. It consists of 26 members organizations working together to ensure that children everywhere in the country enjoy their fundamental rights, and are free and secure from all kinds of sexual abuse and exploitation.

ECPAT Cambodia is a national group member of ECPAT International. ECPAT International is a global network of more than 70 countries worldwide dedicated to the elimination of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.


ECPAT Cambodia’s vision is the realization of the rights of all children to live free of child prostitution, abuse, child pornography and child trafficking for sexual purposes


ECPAT Cambodia works to eliminate CSEC through awareness raising, advocacy, monitoring and the coordination of actions and sharing information among relevant stakeholders.


The objectives of ECPAT Cambodia are:

  1. To increase accountability of government and the private sector’s actions against CSEC and to engage key stakeholders in the fight against CSEC
  2. To promote and uphold child and youth participation in analyzing and planning actions against CSEC.
  3. To develop a strong network and expand ECPAT Cambodia’s member network to combat CSEC
  4. To increase awareness and effective action against CSEC and CST and to protect children against child pornography and protect them from the dangers of new technologies.
  5. To monitor the Royal Government of Cambodia’s performance in addressing CSEC in particular the National Plan of Action Against Trafficking in Persons and Sexual Exploitation.


• ECPAT Cambodia will strive to maintain and foster new close collaborative links within and external to the ECPAT Cambodia network with relevant government, non-governmental, commercial and humanitarian organizations to prevent child prostitution, abuse, child pornography and trafficking.
• ECPAT Cambodia will seek increased resources, to improve its technical and information skills and build capacity within and external to the network in order to increase effectiveness of organizations working in accordance with ECPAT Cambodia’s mission.
• ECPAT Cambodia will lobby and advocate for relevant bodies in the government to work to combat child sexual abuse, in particular through enacting legislation and ensuring the just rule of law in Cambodia designed to protect children with a particular focus on the National Plan of Action Against Trafficking and Sexual Abuse.
• ECPAT Cambodia will maintain and build upon existing awareness raising campaigns as well as supporting members campaigns to educate the public, both Cambodian and international visitors to Cambodia about child rights, in particular the rights of children to live free of sexual abuse.
• ECPAT Cambodia will seek to enhance the capacities of children and young people and empower them so their actions and voices are heard and they can work with ECPAT Cambodia and member organizations to combat child sexual abuse.
• ECPAT Cambodia will strengthen its capacity as a secretariat organization, producing IEC materials for relevant audiences, conducting regular meetings with network members and encouraging and supporting the work of ECPAT Cambodia’s sub-committees
• ECPAT Cambodia will work to respond to both existing and new manifestations of the commercial sexual abuse of children and young people ensuring that the secretariat and member organizations are equipped to respond in a positive manner to child sexual abuses, trafficking and child prostitution.
• ECPAT Cambodia will seek new partners such as private sectors (Tuk tuk association, taxi association, Hotel association to work in combating CSEC.
• ECPAT Cambodia will encourage government to improve law enforcement which related to CSEC.
• ECPAT Cambodia will seek to expand children’s capacity as well as their families to empower them to combat CSEC.

Structure and membership

Our Board of Directors consists of 5 members:

  1. Chairperson: Mr. Chea Pyden (Executive Director of VCAO)
  2. Vice Chairperson: Dr. Mak Ravieng (President of RFC)
  3. Member: Mr. Sek Sophal (Program Manager of CCPCR)
  4. Member: Mrs. Hun Phanna (Acting Director of CWDA)
  5. Member: Ms. Roeung Sopannha (Senior Coordinator of Khemara)

ECPAT Cambodia is currently supported by:

  1. ANESVAD Foundation
  2. Intervita Onlus
  3. Somaly Mom Foundation
  4. ECPAT International
  5. World Vision Cambodia
  7. Defence for Children International
  8. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands